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Speaker invitato a congressi:

1. VIII Congress of the Neurological and Neurosurgical italian Society (SNO). Surgery of tumors in eloquent areas. 24.01.2009, Civile Hospital, Alessandria, Italy


2. Surgery of intracranial metastases. Faculty of Medicine, University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, 9.2.2009


3. Awake surgery for tumors in eloquent areas. Italian Society of Neurology, Cuneo, 6-7, 11. 2009


4. Up to date on rare diseases. Surgical treatment of Chiari malformation and syringomyelia. Civil Hospital,

Alessandria 08.02.2010


5. Neuroimaging of brain tumors: the neurosurgeon’s needs. Koelliker Hospital, Turin, 15.05.2010


6. Cervical Corpectomy step-by-step. In “Cadaver lab of cervical spine approaches”. Department of Anatomy, University of Wien, Austria, 15-17-02.2011


7. Awake Brain Surgery: from surgery to research. University of Turin, 14.06.2013


8. Chiari syndrome and syringomyelia. Clinical and surgical aspects. Domus Salutis, Brescia, 15.05.2013


9. Awake surgery and intraoperative mapping: neurooncological usefulness and model for brain functions study. Lecture at the Physiology PhD school, University of Milan, 25.05.2013


10. Glioblastoma: up to date on novel therapies. University of Milan, 15.04.2014


11. Surgical approaches to the lumbar spondilolysthesise: PLF, PLIF, TLIF. how we do in Brescia. Spine section of SINCH, Catania, 5-6-7.06.2014


12. Spinal Intramedullary tumors. In “Management strategies and surgical techniques in spine surgery:

avoid and prevent failures”. Ferrara, 12.12.2014


13. DTI challenge. Italian chapter of the ISMRM. Verona, 16-17.04.2015


14. Cerebello-pontine angle tumors: evolution of the surgical approaches related to new treatment’s paradigms. SPIGC (Italian Society of Young Surgeons), Brescia, 11-13 june 2015


15. VII° Incontro Convegno 10 – 11 – 12 aprile 2015 dell'ACAR (associazione  per malattia esostosante e sulla sindrome di Ollier/Maffucci). Tema: Gliomi cerebrali e malattia di Ollier


16.Supratentorial gliomas in eloquent areas: which parameters can predict extent of resection and functional outcome. Neurooncology updates, 14th edition, Cortona, 1-3 july 2015


16. Supratentorial gliomas in eloquent areas: Can we predict extent of resection and functional outcome? EANS annual meeting 2015, 18-21 October, Madrid


17. Anniversario 10 anni dell'AISMAC (associazione italiana siringomielia e malattia di Arnold-Chiari).


18. Approcci laterali al basicranio medio e posteriore. 10-12 marzo 2016, Torino

19. Indicazioni al trattamento chirurgico negli ematomi intracerebrali. “Gestione delle Urgenze in Neurochirurgia”, Fondazione Policlinico IRCCS, Milano, 05.12.2016

20. Far lateral approach and extended pterional approach. 54th W. Laugheed Microsurgical Course, Western Hospital and University of Toronto, Canada. 1-5 Maggio 2017

21. Gliomi Cerebrali: strategie terapeutiche combinate. 25 e 26 Maggio 2017. Venezia

22. CSF dynamics alterations: the challenge of Chiari Malformation. In: Focus on Cerebrospinal Fluid, from basic to clinical research. 6 Ottobre 2017, Franciacorta-Brescia

23. Tumori cerebrali sopratentoriali. In: Gestione del bambino con tumore cerebrale, Ospedale San Gerardo di Monza, 18.11.2017

24. Multimodal management of complex ruptured cerebellar AVM. Masterclass at EANS 2018, Brussels

25. Which approach for giant trigeminal schwannoma? Masterclass at EANS 2018, Brussels

26. TRATTAMENTI INTEGRATI CHIRURGIA-RADIOCHIRURGIA: È GIUNTO IL TEMPO DELL’HYBRID SURGERY? Congresso celebrativo dei 10 anni della gamma knife Niguarda. Novembre 2018


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